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To The Colored People

By: H.R. Rogers


Thomaston, GA, May 5, 1930-------

Again I call your attention to the great Emancipation Celebration of May 29.

There won't be but one this year and it will be held at Mrs. Martha Weaver's park.

I long to see the day come when my people will learn to know right from wrong.

Some of our leaders tell the people not to come to town on that day, if they do the Marshal will put them in jail.

If you can't do right, I say you ought to be put in jail.

Now, listen, I been living right here in town for 45 years and I know just how they act--- they put themselves in jail.

All lawful people are not looking to be put in jail. Let me get you to listen and think and do the thing which is right.

Let the men who call themselves leaders first get right and then they can lead the people.

Now if you can't behave yourself, don't come to town at all.

This is to my folks in general, so come and witness a good time in Mrs. Martha Weaver's Park May 29, 1930.

H.R. Rogers, Pres. ----- (Advt.)

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